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Wir sprechen Deutsch / We speak English / Nous parlons français / ***************************************************************************************** Automatic # Central Second # Date # 17 Jewels # Calibre 1238/9 (not clear) RAX (Ronda) ******************************************************************************************** Technical Features from RANFFT.DE : * Ronda 1239-21 Features automatic sweep second day: no quickset date: quickset by reverse setting Data 12''', Dm= 26.6mm 17 jewels f = 21600 A/h Remarks family: pin lever / Swiss lever: 1x11/1x31: manual, no second 1x13/1x33: manual, sweep second 1x15/1x35: manual, sweep second, date 1x16/1x36: auto, sweep second 1x17/1x37: manual, sweep second, day, date 1x18/1x38: auto, sweep second, date 1x19/1x39: auto, sweep second, day, date 1x21/1x41: manual, sweep second, digital display 1x23/1x43: manual, sweep second, alarm 1x26/1x46: auto, sweep second, digital display x=0: 10.5''' x=1: 11.5''' x=2: 12''' x=3: 13.5''' suffix -21: 21600A/h Swiss-lever movements normally have the singature RAX under the balance, but some also RL like the pin levers. Not all variants were actually made. Only those are listed, which are actually known or contained in current registers. Example, year: signature; shock device ca. 1975: RAX, Ronda-Matic, Sicura SA, Swiss, 17 Jewels; Kif-Protechoc ******************************************************************************************* History of Sicura and Breitling Watches History in the commercial register of the Breitling, formerly Sicura AG Entry in the Commercial Register: 02/05/1955 Legal Head Office: Grenchen (SO) Former name * Sicura Montres SA Purpose of the company Manufacture, sale and development of all products and components for watches, jewelry and jewelry industry for the manufacture of instruments and accessories of aviation for the textile and leather industry, optical instruments and other various accessories. Breitling AG Grenchen, Old names: - Montres Sicura SA Grenchen - Watches Sicura AG Grenchen - Sicura Grenchen Watch Company Ltd. The current Sicura/Breitling SA is the continue of Sicura/Breitling history and its founded in 1955. The history of Breitling on the brand name, than is the name Breitling-Laederich the first Breitling brand in the year 1840, not G. Leon Breitling and not Leon G. Breitling SA in 1884. Leon Breitling and his son Gaston never used the brand name Breitling on their watchs, only after the death of Gaston Breitling in 1927 the Leon G. Breitling SA started with the brand name Breitling on the dial. Breitling 1884 was only a marketing joke of E. Schneider, when he invented his first new Chronomat in 1984. Of the current Breitling company. The current company prefers to celebrate the Anniversary of Leon, Gaston, and Willy Breitling's company. Note that the current company only switched from Sicura AG to Breitling AG in 1993. The very early 1980s watches sometimes had cases marked for Sicura. I think Breitling The Book has some very interesting pages on the transition. Breitling Laederich is an older company, but there is no known connection to the company founded in 1884 by Leon Breitling. It is misleading to confuse the two companies. There is no known advertising or catalog copy that shows "Breitling" on the dial of a watch before the mid-/late- 1930s. Many sellers will offer pieces arguing otherwise. However, that all watches made by the company founded by Leon Breitling in 1884 will show a mark of the company on the movement, sometimes under the dial. Most horlogeries don't accept an older Breitling as real until they see a mark known to be used by the company on the movement. The exception is the 1940s, when only the marks on the cases identify a real Breitling In May 1955, sole proprietorship named "Joh. Gobber, Horlogerie", Grenchen bought stock company's foundation, it has been run by Ernest Schneider. Mr. Schneider acquired property rights of "Montres Breitling" in Geneva in 1979, a trademark which had been held by the Breitling family since 1884. The Geneva based production was transferred to "Montres Sicura AG" in Grenchen, which adopted the name of Breitling AG in 1993.' 'Former name: Montres Sicura SA; as of 29.11.1993: Breitling AG'












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